Barbet Puppy Available!

Immediate availability for show or pet, never sheds, hypoallergenic, perfect pet for anyone, lots of champions in pedigree, 100% healthy, will ship anywhere



Reputable breeders do not sell puppies this way.

As a puppy buyer, you can help us preserve and protect this rare breed by buying responsibly.


Reputable Practices for Barbet Breeders in the United states

  • Barbet puppies are extremely rare and there may be a lengthy wait for a puppy. The breeder will want to get to know you and develop a relationship. We believe Barbet puppies are very special and each owner is an ambassador for our breed. Good Barbet breeders make a lifetime commitment to the puppies they produce.

  • Genetically, the Barbet has a tiny genepool; safe breeding requires extensive research and investigation of various bloodlines.

  • Mother, father, and puppies will have AKC Foundation Stock Service registration papers. Your breeder should provide you with this AKC certificate.

  • Reputable breeders present their animals using registered names and show photos, AKC titles,  and links to health results.

  • Both parents will be at least two years old so that their health testing is complete and publicly posted on OFA.org.  OFA issues separate certificates for EVERY test. Each dog receives multiple OFA certificates. Eye, elbow, and hip results must be shown.  OFA will link to parents, siblings, and half-siblings so that you can see trends in families.  Ask if the recently discovered prcd-PRA tests have been done to both parents as it has been found that nearly 40% of Barbet are carrying this gene. You do not want to purchase a puppy that will be blind. 

  • Pawpeds, the Barbet pedigree database, is voluntary but is used by quality breeders to maintain the worldwide Barbet population. This information is available to anyone.

  • AKC Marketplace does not verify statements made by breeders. Unfortunately there are puppies erroneously listed as fulfilling our club breeding standards. 


Thoughtful breeding by serious breeders is an all-consuming effort.

Puppies are not casually produced or placed.



How to find a responsible breeder

What is a responsible breeder and how can I find one? Use our handy guide and check out our list of BCA Breeder Members.

Before you get a barbet

What should you know before you bring a Barbet into your home? Our FAQs cover everything from health to personality.