BCA Officers

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Barb Gresham


Barb lives in Zionsville IN and works as a Labor & Delivery nurse at a local hospital.  She is married to Bob and lives with their 5 dogs and several horses. Barb has had dogs her entire life: She acquired her first Barbet (Fiona) in 2014 from Stacy Able and fell in love with the breed.  New to the dog fancy, she started showing Fiona as a puppy and finished Fiona’s CKC GrCh later followed by AKC CM2.  Next for Fiona is Rally/Obedience.   Astrid, a second Barbet, joined the family in August, 2016, coming to Indiana from Paula Ballak in Canada. Astrid has her CKC Ch, AKC CM 2, Dock Diving Senior, Coursing Ability Excellence, Barnhunt Novice. Celeste, Barbet #3, also from Canada, joined the family in May of 2018 and is just starting her conformation show career.

Barb first served as the secretary of the Barbet Club of America since January 2016 and in January 2019 moved into the role of President.  

Stacy Able

Vice President

Stacy Able has been involved with the Barbet since 2004. A founding member of the Barbet Club of America (Barbet Fanciers in the early days), she has carried the role of President from 2009-2012 and then again 2014-2016. Always working for the breed and specifically within the AKC, Stacy was instrumental in the application of the Barbet into the AKC FSS (Foundation Stock Service) program, which laid the groundwork for the breed as it stands in the USA today. 

Currently, Stacy is serving as Vice President of the club, and actively shows her Barbet in AKC (American Kennel Club) as well as CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) events - in which many of her dogs past and present have earned Certificate of Merits and Canadian Championships. Stacy also enjoys working and training with her dogs, outside of conformation. She competed and titled Barbet in Rally, Canine Good Citizen, and Therapy Certifications.  

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Lynn Vogt-Kinsey


I have served as the treasurer for the past 3 years and been a member of the club for a little over 8 years. I was introduced to the Barbet 8 years or so ago and bought my first Barbet, Bric, who was initially going to be a pet, but his co-owner, Leslie Woodward and I needed an excuse to travel back and forth across the country and decided to try and have some fun showing him. We have had a wonderful time introducing the breed to many, many people. We have since added to our family and now own 6 Barbet and are having a great time showing all of them in the Midwest, in the Eastern US and occasionally in Canada.  

Thomas Mousin


I live in Portland, Maine with my spouse Thomas Brown, and our beloved Esther, aka. Anam Chara Wind in the Willows. Breeders Leslie Woodward and Lynn Vogt-Kinsey introduced us to Barbets, and the care and nurture of their dogs is so evident in Esther’s loving personality.

Thomas and I are both Episcopal priests. I just finished seven years of service at St. John’s Church in Charlestown, a neighborhood of Boston. Our recent move to Portland was prompted by the election of Thomas as the next Episcopal Bishop of Maine. We have special affection for the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River, where we have a summer cottage.  

For 11 years, we were blessed by the company of Greta, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Once Esther joined us in 2017, we became members of the Barbet Club of America, and I am pleased to help the club’s efforts in sharing the joys of this amazing breed.